Assessing and understanding young people’s mental health in schools


This training day will introduce you to a range of methods for identifying, assessing and understanding pupils’ mental health needs in schools.


This training is ideally suited for all primary and secondary teaching staff, especially SENCOs and pastoral leads, as well as HLTAs and any member of staff with specific responsibility for children’s well-being.


This training day will help you learn practical ways to identify and assess pupils’ mental health needs. You will be introduced to a range of effective methods for assessing mental health difficulties, and have opportunities to practice these during the day.

You will learn ways to effectively use the outcomes of assessments to help yourself, young people and families better understand mental health needs.

We will then consider ways to use this understanding to help inform intervention plans and requests for support from external agencies.


The training is provided by the Lancashire Emotional Health in Schools Service (LEHSS). This service is a joint initiative between Lancashire County Council, Lancaster University and Lancashire Care Foundation NHS Trust. LEHSS provides training and support to Lancashire high schools around mental health issues, and currently works with around 35 Lancashire high schools.

The day will be led by Dr. Richard Slinger, LEHSS Service Lead. Richard is an experienced clinical psychologist with many years’ experience of working in NHS CAMHS and child psychology services, and extensive experience of working collaboratively with schools. Richard also works on the clinical psychology training course at Lancaster University and has extensive experience of providing professional training to adult learners.

Course dates:

This 1 day course costs just £150

After attending training, you will receive a certificate of attendance from the Lancaster University Psychological Training Academy.


Book your place now as very limited places are available.